Interventions which provided short and medium term support to communities affected by the 2015 earthquakes
  • Dolakha, Kavre, Solukhumbu,
    Gorkha, Rasuwa, Makwanpur
    and Lamjung
  • 2015 -
  • 10,000 +
  • VSO SARAID children-war

What happened in the 2015 earthquakes?

The 2015 earthquakes in Nepal had a devastating effect on many communities in Nepal, killing nearly 10,000 people, injuring hundreds of thousands, and causing billions of rupees’ worth of damage.

In response to this devastation, GAN adapted its operations to ensure that we could respond appropriately to the earthquakes in both emergency and post-emergency phases, whilst retaining a skeleton staff in non-affected areas to continue our crucial education and social work there.

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    • Phase1 1
    • Phase1 2
    • Phase1 3
    • Phase1 4

      Phase 1 Response: Distribution of Materials

      In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, GAN was heavily involved in the distribution of emergency materials, such as tents, blankets and drinking water, working with partners such as VSO and We World Onlus

      Phase 2 Response: Temporary school construction

      Between June and November 2015, GAN turned its attention to the construction of nearly 100 temporary schools, so as to get children back learning as quickly as possible, a benefit not only to their children but to their parents as well, so they could concentrate on rebuilding efforts.
      • School Construction 1
      • School Construction 2
      • School Construction 3

        Phase 2 Response: PTSD Training and Support

        GAN also provided direct training to more than 500 teachers and parents in psychological counselling, since post-traumatic stress disorder was a specific challenge. In this we were supported by the Children and War Foundation

        Phase 2 Response: PTSD Training and Support

        GAN also launched a wide-scale Nepalese volunteer programme, focusing in particular on disaster risk reduction. Working as peripatetic trainers and community mobilisers, these young people have been working in 5 of the most heavily-affected districts on training and knowledge sharing, as well implementing a range of other key inputs (e.g. emergency microprojects, school and community support, needs assessment). We were supported by Search and Rescue specialists SARAID in this.

        Phase 3 Response

        Since December 2015, GAN has launched longer-term initiatives to support Nepal in building back better from the earthquakes. This includes:

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