Empowering teachers to support their own professional development
  • Lalitpur
  • 2015 -
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Development of Teachers

Professional development of teachers is a major issue in Nepal. Many teachers – in particular at the primary level – have either received no, or inadequate, training. Moreover, there is very little ‘in-service’ support for teachers, and that which is available is often at the central level, and does not take into account the specific circumstances in which teachers work.

Teacher Training Lalitpur

In response, GAN has been working with UNICEF to roll out “Creating Learning Communities”, a programme which uses peer-led mobile meetings as a means for professional development. Within a learning community, teachers can reflect on their good practice as well as the challenges they face as part of their continuous professional development. Many teachers find the opportunity to meet with colleagues and openly reflect on their practice to be a welcome change from the isolation which they may face on a daily basis. They can also gain common understanding and prepare implementation plans.

How mobile meetings work

Meetings take place on a rotating basis at schools in a particular catchment area, and are led in turn by teachers from that particular school. During mobile meetings, teachers use a structured package of activity cards, which emphasize sharing and discussion, thereby enabling peer learning. These cards focus on issues of importance and relevance in the Nepalese education system, such as: using project work in class; the construction of local curricula; leadership development for children; first aid; psychosocial counselling and action research.

Impact of the Programme

The impact of this programme has been significant, with measurable improvements being seen in teacher performance. For example, teachers are now better able to: develop remedial teaching plans for students; work together to solve problems; manage classes more effectively; create better teaching materials and develop good relationships between teachers and parents.

What CLC Participants Say

Comments by teachers about the CLC programme:

  • “I felt shy to say that I was a teacher, but after I participated in the mobile meetings I feel proud of being a teacher.” – Maiya Silwal (Kitini HSS, Godwari)
  • “We have shared and learned about the ways students learn. Now we don’t use lecture methods, but our classes have become more interactive, and use different sense not auditory only.” - Chetnath Pant (Sisneri HSS)
  • “I am surprised by my students’ enjoyment of creative art when they made a collage from waste materials. They are now fond of my classes.” - Krishna Maiya KC (Bajra Barahi HSS).

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