• Lamjung
  • 2015 - 2017
  • 3000 children
khelau khelau

Equal Opportunity for All

In order to ‘participate equally’ and ‘attain equitable results’ all children should have equitable access and participation in education and sports, leading to equitable attainments. This fact is more significant where children from disadvantaged and marginalised communities, remote geographical areas and culture have diverse learning and sport needs. Meeting the diverse learning needs poses a challenge unless handled properly with appropriate content and easy access.

The School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) aims to strengthen equity in the education sector, and through that within the Nepalese society, as ‘the reform will focus on girls and women and children from educationally deprived groups so that they will participate equally and attain equitable results’, thereby there is a need for developing a broader framework of equity and inclusion in the education and sports.

Supporting physical, mental and emotional health through play for positive change

Khelaun Khelaun aims to support physical, mental and emotional health through sports to bring positive change in youths and children.

Raise awareness and knowledge on learning through playing, among schools to implicate children social and emotional development. Increase access to inclusive participation and marginalized children in education.

GAN Connect

Enabling children life skills and empowering teachers to support each other for their professional growth

Engaging children in life skills activities as policy advocacy and public speaking. Train public schools teacher of Lalitpur for child friendly teaching learning and promote collaborative learning approach through 'Teachers Mobile Clinic'.

  • First Phase of 'Khelaun Khelaun' Sports Project Complete

    First Phase of 'Khelaun Khelaun' Sports Project Complete

    The first phrase of GAN's innovative sports project, implemented with Play for Change, has just been completed with a 'finals day' involving 7 schools from the Lamjung district of Nepal.


    We have 10 places at the 2018 London Marathon. If you are interested in running for GAN please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Play for
    Positive Change

    The key objective of GAN's Khelaun Khelaun programme is "play for positive change". The programme works with 3,000 students in 37 schools in Lamjung district, which was significantly affected by the 2015 earthquakes. The programme trains the designated sports teachers at the participating scools, improves playing facilities, provides much-needed sports equipment, and promotes both non-competitive and competitive sports throughout the district.

    Gender Equity

    Promoting the participation of girls in sport is a specific focus of “Khelaun Khelaun” since female participation in either formal or informal sport is very marginal in Nepal. All sports are conducted by boys and girls together, and all representative teams must have a 50/50 balance. Despite some initial reservations by children, parents and schools alike, girls and boys now play together well on the field, which in turn has also lead to greater gender equity in the classroom and society in general.

    Volleyball Competition

    With large flat spaces hard to find, it is not surprising that volleyball is one of the most popular sports in Nepal - it is also one of the main sports in the “Khelaun Khelaun” programme, along with the badminton. In 2017 we will be introducing handball to the programme.

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      Inter School League

      One component of the programme is a competitive sports league between schools, whereby they play each other on a league basis, which culminates in a final in the district headquarters of Besisahar each May.

      Improving Infrastructure

      The physical infrastructure of sports in government schools in Nepal is extremely poor. Not only do they lack basis equipment such as nets, poles, balls and rackets, the playing area is often dangerous and virtually unusable. GAN works with communities to improve these basic facilities in order to create an environment where sports can flourish.

      Training and Upskilling

      GAN works closely with teachers in the programme in terms of training and upskilling their sports knowledge and coaching ability. We are trying to create an atmosphere whereby all members of the school community are positive about sport.

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